Top Tack! 5 Anatomical Bridles We Love

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Over recent years the hype about anatomical saddlery has taken the equestrian world by storm. We all know the risks of riding in an ill fitting saddle. Thankfully, fitting a bridle is a lot simpler, right? We wish! Unfortunately, just because it looks ok, doesn’t mean it’s right for your horse!

What is an anatomical bridle?

Straight lines are the enemy! If you were to place an old fashioned snaffle bridle alongside an anatomical bridle, there’d likely be some pretty drastic differences. The appearance of an anatomical bridle isn’t about fashion, they’re created to be functional. Each element is shaped and positioned taking into account the bones, nerves, tendons, ligaments and contours that you’d find on a horses head. Putting comfort over tradition, they’re a much welcome twist on a classic. Straying from outdated approaches, they draw upon extensive research and testing. Greatly improving your horses comfort, they allow focus on your aids without distraction!

Think of it like this… Once upon a time we’d get ready for work by dressing in a smart outfit or uniform, which undeniably looked the part. If we’re honest though, we were glad to change out of it when we got home! These days, swapping from our comfortable PJ’s to a casual tee and baggy bottoms for a day in the home office is no hardship at all. The chances are, it’s changed your outlook forever!

Knowing Your Horses Head

The most delicate area of your horse, their head is home to lots of sensitive structures including bones, nerves, ligaments and tendons. 

Nerves: The nerves found in your horses head are called the Cranial nerves, they play vital roles in lots of functions including balance, heart rate, hearing, smell, vision, sensation, taste, swallowing and salivation.

Eyes: Unlike humans, horses eyes are on the sides of their head. This means that they have a much wider field of vision, almost 357° in fact. Because of this, some cheekpieces inhibit your horses ability to see properly.

Ears: We all know that a horses ears aren’t just for hearing. Body language is key to equine communication, both with their field buddies and their rider. There’s 16 muscles in your horses ears allowing them to move independently up to 180 °. Bridles that cut straight across the back of the ears press on these muscles, causing discomfort and making it difficult for your horse to behave naturally.

Poll: The ‘poll’ is the area directly behind your horses ears, incorporating the first two vertebrae, many muscle structures, tendons and ligaments. If your horse has an issue with their poll it’s like having a headache – A dull nagging pain that’s physically and mentally debilitating.

Signs Your Bridle Might Be Uncomfortable

Wouldn’t it be nice if our horses could speak – It’s a phrase we’ve all muttered at some point! Sometimes when it comes to saddlery it’s tricky to know which behaviours are simply naughty and which are a sign of pain. When a bridle is causing discomfort it can result in a long list of symptoms including:

  • Headshaking
  • Nostril clamping
  • Pinching of the muzzle
  • Striking out at the face
  • Rubbing the face
  • Spooking
  • Tension
  • Leaning on the reins
  • Resisting bending
  • Reluctance to step through from behind
  • Refusing at jumps 
  • Resisting the bridle

Our Top Picks

Horseware® Rambo® Micklem® Original Competition Bridle

Horseware® Rambo® Micklem® Original Competition Bridle

More comfortable. More humane! As equestrians we all know someone who swears by using a Micklem. But why? The Horseware Rambo Micklem Original Competition Bridle relieves pressure to prevent discomfort, pain and numbness. The kinder and more sympathetic option for your horse, it’s anatomically designed to:​

  1. Sit higher on the face to reduce pressure on the nasal bones.​
  2. Avoid pressing on the sensitive motor and sensory nerves.
  3. Prevent damage inside the mouth by avoiding protruding molar teeth.
  4. Contour to the shape of the face.
  5. Spread pressure evenly over the poll while avoiding the ears.

PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution Bridle

PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution Anatomical Bridle

Horses are all different! The PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution Anatomical Bridle has been specifically designed for those who are pressure sensitive and soft mouthed. If you’ve found your horse is struggling to relax under saddle, this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for! Features of this bridle include:

  1. A whole new noseband design, shaped to avoid as many facial nerves as possible with bendable bows and soft padding for improved comfort and fit.
  2. Curved cheekpieces to offer greater clearance across the molars, whilst avoiding rubbing the cheek bones.
  3. A wide, softly padded headpiece that ensures greater pressure distribution across the poll.
  4. A cutback headpiece shape allowing the ears freedom to rotate.
  5. Unique elasticated cradles to suspend the bit in the horses mouth, for a more comfortable contact and improved communication.

Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle

Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Anatomical Bridle

Part of the Schockemohle feel-good Anatomic Line the Equitus Alpha Bridle is designed with one simple goal – Ultimate comfort by less pressure! To achieve this, they’re packed with anatomical features including:

  1. A softly padded headpiece with a narrow connecting link to bypass the ligament attachments in the poll area.
  2. A shaped headpiece leaving room for the ears to rotate freely.
  3. A downward cut throat lash for improved positioning to avoid obstructing the airways.
  4. A cut-out noseband to create space for the cheek bones and the bit.
  5. A diagonally cut rear strap providing jaw relief aiding relaxation.
  6. A pre-shaped design ensuring the bridle is soft and supple for comfort from the first wear.

Collegiate ComFiTec Training Bridle

 Collegiate ComFiTec  Anatomical Training Bridle

Comfort isn’t just for competition! Designed for at home wear the Collegiate ComFiTec Anatomical Training Bridle is perfect for day to day use. Designed to be durable, hard wearing and functional, it’s features include:

  1. An anatomically shaped headpiece to evenly distribute pressure across the poll for comfort.
  2. A padded crown that is cutback around the ears for freedom of movement.
  3. A noseband that is ergonomically designed to alleviate pressure on the upper jaw and molar teeth.
  4. A cheek strap and padded cheek ring placed to reduce pressure on the facial nerves.

PS of Sweden Nirak Combination Bridle

PS of Sweden Nirak Combination Bridle

Not all control comes from the bit. The PS of Sweden Nirak Combination Bridle was created for horses that are forward going and strong, working best from nose pressure. Perfect for those that fold in their neck, struggle to relax and avoid the contact. Features of the Nirak include:

  1. A combination noseband which when used with a suitable bit brings peaceful communication between the horse and rider. Designed to avoid harsh bits for stronger horses, the cheek pieces and noseband are connected. This allows mouth and nose pressure to be used simultaneously.
  2. A wide, softly padded headpiece with a central air gap to avoid the sensitive areas.
  3. A cutback headpiece allowing ear movement and freedom of rotation for improved overall comfort.
  4. Unique elasticated cradles to suspend the bit in the horses mouth for a more consistent contact and improved communication.

We hope that you found this blog helpful. If your horse is showing any symptoms of pain we recommend you contact a professional to further investigate the issue. You can shop all of the products in this blog online at or why not visit us in-store?

Charles Owen Lunar & Halo – Celebrating 110 Years

If we were to ask you “Which is the most valuable item in your tack room?” what would you say: Bridle? Saddle? Rugs? The truth is we often jump to the things that had the biggest price tag. It’s easy to forget that value isn’t about money, rather the importance you place on something. The one thing that is without a doubt the most critical piece of kit any equestrian owns almost certainly wasn’t the most expensive to buy. We are of course talking about riding hats! When all is said and done, staying safe in the saddle should always be your top priority. After all there’s only one of you!

Time for an upgrade?

Charles Owen Hat

Purchasing a new riding hat can be a substantial investment, so no doubt there’s one question at the forefront of your mind… “Do I really need one?”. Unfortunately, when it comes to riding hats it’s not easy to assess their condition from looks alone. A hat that looks fine on the outside can still fail to provide protection in the event of an accident. So, to help you answer that all important question, here’s a few things to think about:

What To Consider

Charles Owen Hat Parts

Drop or fall – Confession time… hands up if you’ve been guilty of trying to carry your riding hat, saddle and bridle from one end of the yard to the other? Inevitably, your riding hat will end up getting dropped. At the time, it’s easy to pick it up and carry on, but there’s a really good reason you shouldn’t! A riding hat is a little like bubble wrap, it’s job is to protect the item inside from an impact. Once the bubbles have been popped, it’s done the job it was intended for. Would you risk placing used bubble wrap around your mobile and dropping it out of your car window onto tar mac? It just wouldn’t be worth it!

Visible Damage – Be safe, not sorry! The hard outer of a riding hat makes it really tough to spot internal damage. Every part of your riding hat serves a purpose, from the shell and harness to the lining and vents. If you spot any form of visible damage, it’s unlikely to be just cosmetic. Ripped linings, frayed straps and broken peeks are all a sure fire signs it’s time to trade up.

Heat Damage – You might be surprised to learn that riding hats are heat sensitive! The protestive inner layer of polystyrene traps air to create a shock absorbing cushion. If you place your hat on a direct heat source the air can actually expand and escape. This causes the polystyrene to shrink, greatly reducing protection. Not to mention it can actually melt! Likewise, temperatures below -20oC can cause damage. To avoid heat related issues, always store your riding hat correctly and in a bag.

4 years or 2000 Riding Hours – Riding hats have a shelf life, even if they’re sat in your tack room and have never been used (let alone damaged). When your riding hat left the factory it offered the maximum level of protection. Over time the materials unavoidably degrade and weaken.

Fit – Even the worlds best riding hat won’t be able to protect your head if it doesn’t fit. It’s easy to think that if it fit when you bought it, it’ll be fine. It’s important to remember though, even something a simple as a new hair style could change the shape of your head. If you’re unsure, don’t take the risk. Book a fitting in-store to find out if it’ll need replacing.

Why Hat Standards Matter

Checking the type and number of standards your riding hat meets before purchasing is really important. Not all hats are created equal, some are undeniably much cheaper but there’s a reason. The number of standards a hat meets gives you a really good indication of how well it’s been tested. No one test can possibly cover every situation a rider may find themselves in. The more standards a hat meets the more comprehensive the protection, proven to guard against a much larger range of incidents.

Riding Hat Safety

New Arrivals

Charles Owen Luna

Charles Owen Luna
Charles Owen Lunar
Charles Owen Lunar
Charles Owen Lunar

The latest arrival from Charles Owen is completely out of this world! Launching in April 2021, we can’t wait for the arrival of the Luna Hat and here’s why! Combining all the key things we look for as leisure riders it’s safe, stylish and sophisticated. Features include a 360° ventilation system, a comfortable padded headband, slim and low-profile styling, a flexzone peak and a leather look harness. This hat offers comprehensive protection, adhering to a whopping three safety standards, ASTM F1163-15, PAS015:2011 and VG1 01-040 2014-12!

Charles Owen Halo

Charles Owen Halo
Charles Owen Halo
Charles Owen Halo
Charles Owen Halo

We could all use a guardian angel in times of trouble, right? Meet the next generation performance riding helmet – The Halo! Created to celebrate 110 years of Charles Owen it displays everything we love about the brand, combining safety and style. Make a statement in the show ring with the smooth outer and exclusive brushed metallic ring. Prioritising comfort it features a 360° ventilation system, slim and low-profile styling, a flexzone peak, a washable headband, padded neck support, an antimicrobial lining with silver ions and a leather harness. Perfect for competitive use it meets three safety standards ASTM F1163-15, PAS015:2011 and VG1 01-040 2014-12.

The Charles Owen Luna and Halo hats will be arriving soon. If you’re as excited as we are be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook Page, Instagram Account, email newsletter and for updates!

Aubrion Team & The Spring/Summer Collection

Will you be joining the Aubrion team this season? New for Spring the latest styles and greatest colours have now arrived at Naylors. Prepare to fall in love, from amazing Aqua and pretty Pink to classic Navy and Tropical print, we can’t take our eyes off this stunningly summery selection. We’ve picked our favourites but will you agree? We’d love to know what you think!


Elverson T-Shirt

Aubrion Elverson T-Shirt

Ladies: RRP £17.99 £16.50

Childs: RRP £34.99 £31.50

Top marks! With Spring in the saddle back on the cards, the Elverson Tee is a great addition to your riding wardrobe. A technical triumph it’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking with a classic v-neck and anti-rub flatlock seams. Available in three colours, Aqua, Navy Blue and Pink.

Aubrion Parsons Polo

Ladies: RRP £29.99 £26.99

Childs: RRP £21.99 £19.99

Pure polo perfection, meet the new Aubrion Parsons! Designed for practical performance, it’s made using a lightweight and breathable fabric with a zip neck and short sleeves. Available in three colours, Grey, Navy Blue and Pink.

Parsons Polo


Dutton Riding Tights

Aubrion Dutton Riding Tights

Ladies: RRP £44.99 £40.50

Childs: RRP £34.99 £31.50

Searching for Spring style inspiration? Check out these tropical Technical Tights from Aubrion! Sporty and lightweight they offer:

  • A silicone grip seat.
  • Comfort enhancing flatlock seams.
  • ​Quick dry fabric.
  • An elasticated waistband.
  • A thigh phone pocket.

Aubrion Putney Breeches

Ladies: RRP £59.99 £53.99

Childs: RRP £45.99 £41.50

Saddle. Stable. Shops… Dare to denim! Just like jeans, the Putney Breeches offer a mid-rise fit, belt loops and pockets. Make no mistake though, designed for equestrians, they also feature a stretchy lower leg cuff and matte silicone knee grips!

Putney Breeches

Aubrion Team Collection

Aubrion Team Gilet

Aubrion Team Gilet

Ladies: RRP £49.99 £44.99

Join the team! Flattering and functional the new Aubrion Team Gilet boasts a softshell outer with a cosy fleece lining to lock in warmth around your core. Saddle or stable this stylish tailored midlayer will have you looking and feeling you’re very best.

Aubrion Team Long Sleeve Base Layer

Ladies: RRP £32.99 £29.99

A brilliant base layer is undoubtedly the best foundation to any outfit. Featuring quick-drying fabric, breathable mesh panels, UPF50+ sun protection and anti-rub flatlock seams, this Aubrion Team Top has all the boxes ticked!

Aubrion Team Long Sleeve Base Layer

Aubrion Team Luggage

​Pretty, practical and protective! The Aubrion Team luggage collection is the perfect way to transport or store your saddle, bridle, hat, boots and grooming kit in safety and style.

Will you be wearing Aubrion this Spring? Let us know if you’re loving it or leaving it! You can shop our full range of products at or why not visit one of our stores?

New Ariat Footwear – Taking A Step Ahead

We’ve got a question… Do you need Ariat boots? It’s no secret that for us to perform at our very best we need the right kit for the job. We’ve all seen someone riding in a pair of trainers and inwardly had a little cry. Honestly, no equestrian wardrobe is complete without fantastic footwear. So, it’s about time that you stopped settling for second best! If you’re ready to invest in your riding, kick it up a gear with new Ariat boots this season. Take a look at the latest (and in our opinion greatest) arrivals to find the right one for you.

New Ariat Ascent Short & Tall Boots

New Ariat Ascent Short Boots

Who’s ready for the Ascent?! Climbing their way to the top of our wish list these outstanding boots are a step ahead of their competitors. Brand new this season Ariat Ascent Boots are a breath of fresh air. Scrapping old fashioned principles and heading back to the drawing board, Ariat have presented a truly rare creation… A premium modern riding boot which completely changes the game!

A revolution in equestrian innovation there’s no denying this boot shows little resemblance to its predecessors. Built for those unafraid to standout, the eye catching look isn’t all about appearance.

Ariat Ascent Materials


The high performance synthetic outer is durable, flexible and lightweight. Not only does this improve comfort and longevity, it allows much greater accuracy of aids for better communication with your horse.


The outer isn’t the only new thing, as you might have spotted! Streamlined and sporty the elasticated knitted collar is breathable and water resistant. Designed to fit the ankle like a second skin, they offer outstanding stability and a snug fit.

Ariat Ascent Collar
New Ariat Ascent Sole


Built from the ground up, the Ascent sole is a triple threat! The base of the boot features the Ariat exclusive Duratread™ outsole, designed for lasting performance, protection and flexibility. The midlayer is FLX Foam for advanced cushioning, rebound and shock absorption. Inside the boot is a anatomically-engineered Pro Performance insole, providing unrivalled comfort and support.

Tall Boot

Coming Soon

Like to ride in long boots? The Ariat Ascent Tall Boot is the one for you! The body is made using a high performance synthetic material. The outer panel offers flexible, breathable and lightweight knit fabric sections, while the inner has added grip for security in the saddle. The no-sew overlay and wicking liner ensure you stay cool and comfortable, while providing additional

reinforcement, structure and support for your muscles.

New Ariat Ascent Tall

New Ariat Palisade

Coming Soon

Subtle, stylish and sophisticated the new Ladies Palisade Boot shows off everything we love about Ariat! Don’t let their simple and elegant appearance fool you, they’re so much more than just average. Oozing quality and packed with technical features, they’re a winner!

New Ariat Palisade Material


Designed for competition wear, the super smart appearance is thanks to the premium quality full grain leather upper. The inner of the boot is lined with a soft and supple leather, which moulds to your leg for an improved fit and durability. Inside the boot there is a moisture wicking sock, added to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long. Ultra contoured through the ankle, they allow freedom of movement where it’s needed, without compromising the integrity of the boot or loosing support.


Fit and functionality go hand in hand! That’s why the Palisade Boot features elasticated front laces, a full length YKK zipper, a full length elasticated panel on the inside and an elastic gusset at the knee. Snug and comfortable, they offer easy on/off with a highly adaptable and customisable fit for a close contact feel.

New Ariat Palisade Fit
New Ariat Palisade Sole


The last thing any competitor wants to be doing is feeling uncomfortable. Designed to allow you to focus on your performance the all day cushioning insole with rebound offers superior comfort and shock absorption. The base of the boot boasts the exclusive Ariat Duratread™ outsole with rider tested traction zones for superior grip.

New Ariat Fuse Trainers

New Ariat Fuse Trainers

If you’re an avid Ariat wearer you may have seen the Fuse before. So, we bet you’re wondering what makes these trainers different from previous seasons, good question! They’ve got all the creature comforts we’ve come to know and love plus something brand new…


If you’ve ever left your house in a pair of mesh constructed trainers you’ll likely have quickly discovered that they’re not built for rain! Whether you’re checking on the horses, nipping to the shops or going for a run, soggy socks are never nice! Thankfully, not all trainers were created equal and these ones aren’t your average shoes. Designed to be as functional as they are fashionable the breathable mesh outer is lined with a waterproof sock.

New Ariat Fuse Materials
New Ariat Fuse Sole


The heart and sole of any good shoe! Designed for versatility and all day wear, the Fuse Trainers feature an EVA midsole for lightweight shock absorption and cushioning. The rubber outsole has forefoot flex grooves, preventing fatigue and improving comfort.

Ready for a re-boot? Time you treated your feet to brilliant boots! You can shop all of the products in this blog at or why not pay us a visit in-store?

Love Your Pet Day! It’s Time To Pamper Your Pet

Hands up if you love your pet… Of course you do!

Let’s be honest, when it comes to Valentines Day there’s two types of people in the world. There’s those that revel in the romance and the rest of us that spend 24 hours avoiding all forms of social media! Hang fire though, there’s a really good reason that we should all be feeling the love this February. An important is event just around the corner…

Saturday 20th February is National Love Your Pet Day!

Now that’s one we can all get on board with! The truth is, we don’t really need an excuse to appreciate our pets… but it’s still nice to have one!

Love Your Pet – The Benefits

Love Your Pet Day

Fur, feathers, fluff or fins, here in the UK we love our animals! Did you know a staggering 51% of us own at least one pet? That’s around 10.9 million cats, 10.1 million dogs and 1 million rabbits!

What makes our pets such an important part of our lives? That’s an easy one! Research has shown that there’s a whole host of benefits, regardless of the animal you choose. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our nation of pet lovers have said:

94% of owners said that their pet makes them happy.

86% of owners said that their pet improves their mental health.

84% of owners said that their pet makes them feel less lonely.

Showing You Love Your Pet

There’s no denying that just by being a part of our lives our pets do so much for our mental, emotional and physical well being. As owners it’s our responsibility to do our very best to keep them happy and healthy in return. So, we’ve been having a think about what we can do to keep them in top condition. Take a look at our tips.

Love Your Pet  - Treats

Pet Treats

Just like us, our pets love a treat! While we all want to choose healthy options, this isn’t just about the nutritional benefits. Treats are a type of positive reinforcement. Put simply, adding something nice to reward something good. Whether you’re doing this for great behaviour, training or just feeling generous, it’s a really important activity. Here’s a few options we know they’ll love!

Spillers Horse Treats

Spillers Horse Treats

From £3.85

Pedigree Dog Treats

Pedigree Rodeo & Duo

From £1.80

Go-Cat Treats

Go-Cat Crunchy & Tender

RRP £3.60

Love Your Pet - Pet Toys & Entertainment

Pet Toys & Entertainment

Months in lockdown means we’re all far too familiar with feeling a little bored! If we’re being honest, it’s not very nice. With this in mind, it’s important we remember that our pets need lots of mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy. Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, horse or rabbit toys are a great way to do this. A type of enrichment, you should be looking for options that are engaging, challenging and where possible social! Whether you choose to make or buy a toy, there’s lots of options to keep them on their ‘toes’. Take a look at our favourites:

Likit Boredom Breaker

Likit Boredom Breaker

RRP £27.50

Petface® Ball Launcher

Petface Ball Launcher

RRP £3.29

Petface® Seriously Strong Bone

Seriously Strong Bone

RRP £6.99

Love Yours Pet - Exercise


Ok, so this is more applicable to some animals than others but pets like horses, rabbits, hamsters and dogs all need lots of exercise! Very few animals are designed to spend long periods of time doing nothing. In most cases, the ideal is to allow lots of outside play time alone or with appropriate company. But it’s not always realistic. As owners, that’s where we come in! Even just an hour a day of activities like riding, walking and fetch can make a real difference to their health and happiness. Here’s some accessories to help you on your way!

Vogue Headcollar Set

RRP £24.95

Drover Polo Collar

From £14.99

Barbour Dog Harness

Barbour Dog Harness

RRP £24.95

Love Your Pet - Grooming


No one wants a mucky puppy (or any other animal for that matter) but grooming is about so much more than cleanliness! It’s a great chance to:

  • Reduce odours & remove dirt.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Bond & Socialise.
  • Check for abnormalities.
  • Improve coat health.

Not to mention the benefits for us! Just ten minutes a day of quiet time with our pets can have a really positive impact on our mental health. Check out some of our most popular grooming tools.

MagicBrush 3 Pack

MagicBrush 3 Pack

RRP £13.50

Double Sided Brush

Double Sided Brush

From £5.49

Dirty Beastie Shampoo

Dirty Beastie Shampoo

From £8.99

We hope you and your pets have a fantastic National Love Your Pet Day filled with fun and friendship! You can shop our full range of products at or why not visit one of our stores?