Gifts For Her – Christmas, Covered!

Searching for a gift they won’t be returning on boxing day? Let’s face it, picking the perfect present for any woman is no easy task! Thankfully though, this Christmas we’re here to help. Whether you’re shopping for your mum, sister, girlfriend or wife, sleigh your Christmas shopping at Naylors. From country boots and wax jackets to scarves and socks, there’s something for everyone this festive season. Take a look at our top gifts for her…

1. Coats with Class

Christmas Gifts For Her - Coats

A wardrobe staple, you can never have too many coats (especially during the winter months)! Whether they’re always cold or forever getting caught out in the rain, we’ve got loads of options to choose from, including padded puffers, waxed cotton jackets, tweed coats and wet weather waterproofs. Here’s just a few of our top picks…

2. Shoes Glorious Shoes

Christmas Gifts For Her - Country Boots

Can we start by saying we’re really not talking stilettos and sandals! Because here at Naylors we’ve got something equally as pretty and way more practical! Sure to be a real winner this Christmas, pick the present no outdoor enthusiast can resist, country boots! Take a look at our most popular styles. Perfect for outdoor adventures, these boots really are made for walking…

3. Winter Warmers – Hats & Scarves

Christmas Gifts For Her - Hats & Scarves

No gift giving guide for her would be complete without an honorable mention to hats and scarves. In truth, these woolly winter warmers are always well received! The ultimate cold weather accessories, whether they’re doing the school run, walking the dogs, off to work or meeting up with friends, no outfit is complete without them. Have a peek at these hand selected styles…

4. Gorgeous Gloves

Christmas Gifts For Her - Gloves

Farewell frozen fingers! Ideal for fighting off the frost on those chilly winter mornings and endless cold evenings, what’s not to love about gloves?! Whether you opt for smart and stylish or soft and snuggly, take a look at some options we know they’ll love…

5. Stocking Filler Socks

Christmas Gifts For Her - Socks

We all joke about giving the gift of socks for Christmas. But it’s really no laughing matter! After-all, we all wear them almost every day. A great stocking filler, check out our huge range from blister protection walking socks and specialist long boot socks to thermal socks and fashion socks…

Feeling inspired? You can shop all of our top gifts for women and so much more at or in-store. From everyone here at Naylors, happy Christmas!

Effol Essentials – Equine First Aid Kit

Let’s be honest, horses have a way of finding trouble! Whether they get kicked in the field, pick a fight with a fence or pull a shoe, there’s always something. So, don’t wait until it’s too late! It’s time you invested in a first aid kit for your tack room. After-all, it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Here we’re going to be taking a look at what’s included in the Effol First Aid Kit and how each of the products can be used.

Why Choose Effol?

Why Choose Effol?

Effol is part of the German company Schweizer-Effax. Founded over 110 years ago, their focus has always been on developing innovative products of the very best quality. To this day, their range is created by their highly qualified laboratory team and approved by independent institutes. All Effol care products are dermatologically tested and classified as “very good”, kind to the skin and coat of our horses. All of the raw materials used are processed on a voluntary basis in accordance with pharmaceutical legislation, ensuring the very highest standards.

What’s Inside The Box…

Effol Skin-Repair – 30ml

Designed for use on minor cuts, cracked heels and broken or inflamed skin, Effol Skin-Repair is a thick antiseptic, anti-inflammatory cream. When applied, it creates a micro-film layer. This acts as a physical barrier against dirt, dust, pathogens and bacteria. This product contains high quality pathenol and zinc oxide to support healing and regulate moisture, as well as avacado, rosemary and sage oils to promote healthy skin.

Effol Liquid-Barrier – 50ml

Effectively a spray on bandage, this contains natural latex from the Dragon Tree. A great alternative to purple sprays and iodene, when applied Effol Liquid-Barrier creates a protective and breathable film. This can be used to clean and protect wounds, without alcohol or prohibited substances. The specialist formula also encourages the regeneration of damaged cells and the formation of new cells to aid healing. With lactic acid, allantoin and biguanide, it also supports moist wound hygiene while keeping the skin supple and elastic.

Effol Ice Pack – x1

Effol Ice Pack - x1

Designed to reduce swelling, ease pain and soothe tight muscles, Effol Ice Packs are a must have around the stables. No need to freeze first, this instant compress is ready to use within a minute. Activated using a pulling mechanism, it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Created for one time use, they stay cold for a maximum of 20 minutes. 

Effol Horse Balm – 50ml

Effol Horse Balm - 50ml

Designed to provide relief after strenuous exercise, Effol Horse-Balm offers a dual effect. Immediately after application it provides a cooling sensation, proceeded by a pleasant warming feeling. This promotes relaxation and improves circulation to prevent soreness and aid healing. The effectiveness of this product has been tested using thermographic pictures. Boasting a non-sticky coat and skin friendly formula, it contains arnica, camphor, rosemary, extract of horse chestnut and menthol. 

Also included in this kit is an elasticated bandage, a dressing set, a pair of disposable gloves and a first aid poster with instructions. 


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Gifts For Horse Mad Kids – Christmas, Covered!

As a child, Christmas is a time filled with magic, mystery and of course… Presents! That being said, finding great gifts for the little ones in our lives is no easy task! Luckily though, this festive season we’re here to help. So, take a look at our vast range of gifts for horse mad kids. Large or small, there’s loads to choose from. What are you waiting for, don’t miss the sleigh, find the perfect gift today!

Schleich Big Horse Show

Do you know an aspiring equestrian superstar, who dreams of riding their way to the top of the podium? This Christmas fuel their ambitions with the Schleich Big Horse Show play set.

Set in glorious Lakeside, Sarah and Tori are grooming their Tennessee Walking Horse Mare and Lusitano Stallion ready for the competition. They’ve brushed away any dirt and picked out their hooves, now it’s time to apply their make-up. Who will win? We’ll have to wait and see who the judges choose! With over one hundred items including two riders, two horses and one dog, this set is sure to provide hours of imaginative play.

Schleich Riding School

For every pony mad kid having a lesson on their favourite school horse is the best part of the week. So, just imagine how much they’d love having a riding school all of their very own! This festive season make their dreams come true with this play set from Schleich.

Show jumping, dressage and vaulting, this Riding School offers it all! Keen to master the art of riding, these three friends meet for training with their instructor, to practice a whole host of equestrian disciplines. More than just riding, at the end of the day they unsaddle their horses for a nice brush, and maybe even a tasty treat or two. Set includes three ponies, three riders, a riding arena and loads of accessories for endless ways to play.

Schleich Mobile Vet

Do you know a budding vet who’s passionate about caring for animals? Nurture their compassionate side with the Mobile Veterinary Clinic play set from Schleich.

Oh no, there’s an emergency. A foal is sick and needs help. Grab all of your supplies and load up the van, drive as fast as you can to get to the stables in time. Examine your patient to find out what’s wrong. This set includes one van, one vet, one Hanoverian and everything needed to diagnose and treat the mystery illness.

Little Gems Pony Charm Set

Bringing sparkle to their stocking, the Little Gems Pony Charm Set is a gift truly fit for a princess. Girly and glamorous, it contains a Quartz watch with a pink PU strap, a silver plated matching necklace with a pony charm and a pink beaded bracelet. Easy to wrap and beautifully presented, this comes in its own gift box.

Platinum Unicorn Hot Water Bottle

No more freezing fingers or trembling toes! They’ll soon be comfy and cosy tucked up with a Platinum Unicorn Hot Water Bottle. The ultimate winter warmer, it’s great for movie nights on the sofa, snuggling up after a long day at the stables or even defrosting after a day playing out in the snow with friends. Boasting a cute character design, this magical unicorn is sure to be a hit! Available in Pink and Purple.

Elico Soft Toy Horse

Cuddly and cute, who doesn’t love teddies! Whether they’re an avid collector or always clutching their one special favourite, treat them to a snuggly Plush Toy Horse from Elico. Packed with character, their shaggy mane and tail and super soft coat are almost as good as the real thing! Available in tan and white or brown and white.

Thelwell Grooming Kit

Whether they’re lucky enough to have one of their own or simply like to lend a hand around the stables, every horse mad kid needs a grooming kit. Thankfully, we’ve got just the thing for little hands. New from Hy, the Thelwell Grooming Rucksack is an easy to carry kit containing everything they need for a pampered pony, including a body brush, dandy brush, face brush, hoof pick, mane comb and curry comb.

Horse Mad Kids - Thelwell Grooming Kit

There you have it, our top gifts for horse mad kids! Have you found the perfect present? You can shop all of the products in this blog and many more at or in-store. From everyone here at Naylors, happy Christmas!

5 Reasons You Need Dublin River Boots

The British weather, there’s nothing quite like it, right? Unpredictable at best, it’s forever keeping us on our toes. The question is, are you ready for what’s in store this season? Come rain or shine, you soon will be! A countryside classic, Dublin River Boots are a smart, stylish staple. Don’t just take our word for it though! Take a look at our top 5 reasons you need Dublin River Boots.

Black Friday - Dublin River Boots £50 Off

1. All Day Comfort

Always on the go? Wouldn’t it be nice if your feet felt as comfortable at the end of the day as they did at the start! Designed to offer exactly that, we’ve got just the boots for you! Crafted for all day comfort, River Boots feature a RCS+ footbed. Unique to Dublin, this is the end product of three years of global research. Made up of four layers to guarantee fantastic performance, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Take a look at the construction…

Dublin River Boots RCS Footbed

A sweat control lining, which wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry.

An enhanced cushioning layer for optimum comfort.

A cupped heel and arch support to prevent fatigue and give a secure feeling inside the boot.

A steel arch foundation to offer maximum stability and help to avoid any twisting motion of the sole.

2. Full Leather Upper

Known for it’s durability, practicality and waterproof qualities, Dublin River Boots are manufactured using a full leather upper. When cared for properly, these boots are sure to stand the test of time for many years to come. Here’s how to maximise the life of yours:

Clean – Spray your boots with Dublin Pre Wash, then wipe away dirt and debris with a damp cloth.

Dry – Allow your boots to dry naturally. Top Tip: Don’t ever be tempted to use a direct heat source such as a radiator or hair drier, this can cause the leather to become brittle.

Condition – To replenish the natural oils found in leather, apply Dublin Proof & Conditioner Suede Spray with a sponge. This will add moisture, in turn preventing cracking. Leave the product to absorb for approximately 5 minutes, then wipe away any excess with a clean cloth.

Weatherproof – Once you’ve cleaned and conditioned the leather, use Dublin Fast Dry Proof Spray to restore their external barrier.

3. Waterproof Membrane

Dublin River Boots Waterproof Membrane

It’s not just the leather outer which defends against the elements! Inside these boots there’s a hidden secret, an ankle height waterproof membrane. Extending about 1/3rd of the way up the boots, this ensures that any water able to penetrate through the seams is stopped in its tracks, before it soaks in to your socks. An extra level of defence, this gives you the confidence to tackle any puddle, big or small!

4. Tough Tec Rubber Outsole

Fed up of slipping and sliding around? From mud and ice to steep hills and pulling ponies, good traction is a key feature of any quality country boots. That’s why Dublin River Boots feature a Tough Tec Rubber Outsole with a stability enhancing steel shank. Grippy, durable and stirrup safe for riding, what’s not to love!

5. The Perfect Fit

Lets be honest, finding country boots that fit perfectly can feel like a completely impossible task. Thankfully though, Dublin River Boots are proof that it can be easy. Don’t settle for too wide, too long, too short or too tight! These are available in a range of fits including regular, wide and extra wide. They also offer an elasticated top gusset and an adjustable lace top.

Top Tip: Great for adjusting the height, add Dublin Heel Lift Insoles to prevent pinching against the back of the knee where needed.

To find the best option for you, take a look at the size guide.

Dublin River Boots Size Chart


You can shop all of the products in this blog and many more at or in-store. Don’t forget, if you make a purchase share your pictures with us in the comments or include #NaylorsSnapAndShare on your social posts for the chance to win a Naylors gift card!

Black Friday Event – Extra 20% Off Sale

Good news… We simply couldn’t make you wait any longer to snap up some spectacular savings! So, without further ado we’d like to announce that the Naylors Black Friday Event is officially underway! Kicking off the week in style, we’ve got a huge 20% extra off ALL sale items. To claim this offer shop online and apply the voucher code EXTRA20 at the checkout. Not sure where to start? With so many fantastic options to choose from, it can be hard to spot the best deals. Never fear though, taking all of the hassle out of bargain hunting, take a look at our top picks for her, him, children, horse and pet!

The Naylors Black Friday Event

Black Friday Top Picks

Dublin Ladies Evolution Tall Boots

Dublin Ladies Evolution Tall Boots

  • Full grain European leather outer.
  • Leather lining.
  • Full length elasticated panel.
  • Contoured ankle.
  • RCS memory foam and PU footbed.
  • Full length YKK zipper.
  • Rubber outsole.
WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic 300g Heavyweight Combo Turnout Rug

ComFiTec Classic 300g Combo Turnout Rug

  • Combo neck.
  • 600D ripstop outer.
  • 300g polyfill inner.
  • 210D Oxford polyester lining.
  • Traditional side gussets.
  • Twin buckle chest closures.
  • Twin low cross surcingles.
  • Adjustable and removable leg straps.
  • WeatherBeeta 3-Year Turnout Warranty (Terms Apply).
Black Friday - Regatta Junior Foxfire Wellies

Regatta Junior Foxfire Wellies

  • Vulcanised natural rubber construction.
  • Natural cotton lining.
  • EVA comfort foot bed.
  • Grip enhancing multi-directional cleated sole.
  • Night glow reflective technology.
Black Friday - WeatherBeeta Prime Ombre All Purpose Saddle Pad

WeatherBeeta Prime Ombre Saddle Pad

  • Cotton outer.
  • Easy wick lining.
  • Airflow mesh spine.
  • High wither anatomical design.
  • PVC covered girth patches.
Black Friday - WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Parka 220g Dog Coat

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Parka 220g Dog Coat

  • 1200D triple weave outer shell.
  • 220g polyfill inner.
  • 210T nylon liner.
  • Wrap around front.
  • Reflective piping.
  • Touch tape closures.
  • Harness hole.
Black Friday - Regatta Mens Haldor Waterproof Jacket

Regatta Mens Haldor Waterproof Jacket

  • Waterproof and breathable Isotex 5000 peached polyester outer.
  • Durable water repellent finish.
  • Taped seams.
  • Polyester taffeta lining.
  • Internal pocket.
  • Concealed hood.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Two chest pockets and two lower welt pockets.
WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential 220g Combo Neck Turnout Rug

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential 220g Combo Neck Turnout Rug

  • 1200D ripstop outer.
  • 220g polyfill inner.
  • 210D Oxford polyester lining.
  • Traditional side gussets.
  • Twin buckle chest closures.
  • Twin low cross surcingles.
  • Adjustable and removable leg straps.
  • WeatherBeeta 3-Year Turnout Warranty (Terms Apply).
Black Friday - LeMieux Glace

LeMieux Glacé Dressage Saddle Pad

  • Bamboo lining.
  • Soft suede binding.
  • High wither anatomical design.
  • D-ring tabs.
  • PU leather girth protection area.
Black Friday - Prime Leopard

WeatherBeeta Leopard Headcollar

  • Limited edition leopard print design.
  • Durable nylon material.
  • Fleece padding.
  • Adjustable head piece and noseband.
  • Clip throat latch.
  • Metal fittings.

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You can shop all of the products in this blog and many more at or in-store. Don’t forget, if you make a purchase share your pictures with us in the comments or include #NaylorsSnapAndShare on your social posts for the chance to win a Naylors gift card!