Shampoo & Shine – Bathing & Grooming Essentials

The end is in sight… Has your horse almost finished shedding their winter woollies? Time for a transformation! There’s no denying it’s a cause for celebration, we’ll all be glad to wave goodbye to greasy skin, stubborn stains and lack lustre locks. The perfect way to put the finishing touches on their silky summer coat, it’s time to shampoo and shine! Take a look at our top products and helpful hints…

Shampoo & Stain Removers

Shampoo & Stain Removers

While there’s something to be said for good old elbow grease, it’s not always the answer! When it comes to florescent green grass stains, poo patches and yellow tails, no amount of brushing is going to shift it! So, there’s only one thing for it… Shampoo!

Choosing the best shampoo for your horse is all about knowing what you’re aiming to achieve!

Stain Removers: When blood, sweat and tears all fail, a good stain remover is sure to save the day. Designed to lift discolorations and dirt out of the coat, they’re ideal for grey and coloured horses. A handy addition to any tack room, they’re also perfect for keeping white markings shining and spotless!

NAF Five Star Muck Off Stain Remover

RRP £8.99

NAF Five Star Muck Off Stain Remover shampoo

Need to shift a stain in a rush? Great for when you’re against the clock, apply Muck Off Stain Remover, massage well, leave for 5 minutes then wipe away with a damp sponge. There’s no need to rinse, so you’ll be ready in a flash!

Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo

RRP £7.99

Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo

Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo boasts an extra thick, purple concentrated formula with powerful stain removing properties. Simply wet the area, rub in the shampoo and rinse thoroughly!

Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo

RRP £9.99

Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo

Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo immediately gets to work breaking down dirt. Simply massage onto the affected area, then rinse away to leave your horse looking bright and shiny once more!

Coloured Shampoo: Coloured shampoos are formulated to remove dirt, dust and grease from your horse’s coat and skin, while highlighting their natural pigment too! Infused with ingredients that act as colour enhancers and brighteners, they’ll have your horse show ring ready in no time!

Gallop Colour Enhance Shampoo Bay

RRP £6.99

 Gallop Colour Enhance Shampoo Bay

Lift dirt and intensify your horses natural pigments in one simple step. Gallop Colour Enhance Shampoo contains optical brighteners and colour enhancers for a flawless finish.

Wahl Showman Deep Black Shampoo

From £8.99

Wahl® Showman Deep Black Shampoo

Whal Showman Deep Black removes dirt, grease and stains from the coat, while refreshing the natural black and white pigmentation within the hair. This leaves your horses coat vibrant and glossy!

Shapley’s Equitone White Shampoo

RRP £22.50

Shapleys Equitone White

Shapley’s Equitone cleans and conditions to remove stains while creating a rich and brilliant colour. Simple to use, rub a small amount into the coat, let it sit for ten minutes, then wash away.

Skin Concerns: Bathing our horses is about so much more than their appearance. Sometimes, our aim is simply to help them feel more comfortable in their own skin! Is your horse prone to becoming itchy or sensitive, easily aggravated by flies and shedding? A soothing shampoo is a real must-have!

Gallop Medicated Shampoo

RRP £8.99

Gallop Medicated Shampoo

Ideal for dry, flaky and sensitive skin Gallop Medicated Shampoo is pH neutral. Designed to help calm and soothe irritated, sore and damaged areas, it contains both antibacterial agents and natural oils.

NAF Teatree Oil Shampoo

From £9.99

NAF Teatree Oil Shampoo

Kind and caring, with a natural anti-bacterial cleansing formula, Teatree Oil Shampoo is designed to leave your horse feeling clean and comfortable. Ideal for frequent use.

NAF NaturalintX EquiCleanse

RRP £9.50

NAF NaturalintX EquiCleanse

Targets specific areas of skin irritation and superficial wounds. NAF NaturalintX EquiCleanse has been proven to kill up to 99.9% of known germs, formulated with powerful Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Wash Brushes & Mitts

For the best results, your chosen shampoo needs to be thoroughly worked into the coat and down onto the skin to remove dirt and grease effectively. This can be tricky, especially when using your hands alone. Not to mention, it usually results in broken, black nails and sore hands. So, this season make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job…

Shampoo Wash Brushes & Mitts


RRP £13.50

MagicBrush Pack

Offering value and versatility no grooming kit is complete without the ultimate all-in-one tool – A MagicBrush! Cleansing, massaging and grooming, they remove dirt, sweat, dust and hair. They can even be used to apply shampoo!

HandsOn Grooming Gloves

RRP £22.50

HandsOn Grooming & Shampoo Gloves

Prefer a more HandsOn approach? This is the tool for you! Designed to be used wet or dry, these fantastic grooming gloves feature nodules, which effortlessly remove dirt and hair. Use when bathing to massage shampoo into the coat and skin.

Roma Soft Grip Sponge Brush

RRP £4.99

Roma Soft Grip Shampoo Sponge Brush

Designed specifically for bathing, the Roma Sponge Brush offers a nylon bristle outer and sponge centre. Great for preventing the overuse of products, simply dampen your horses coat, apply shampoo to the sponge, then brush as usual for even distribution and remarkable results.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle! Now your horse is nice and clean, it’s time to add the finishing touches to complete their sensational Summer glow up! From detangling tail sprays and hoof oils to coat shines and growth serums, take a look at what’s available!

Mane & Tail: There really is nothing worse than muddy, stained tails and rubbed manes! Designed to help you remove and prevent knots, while conditioning and repairing, a good mane and tail product is a luxury well worth investing in this summer!

Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner

From £11.70

Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner

No more knots! Keep your horses mane and tail luxuriously soft, shiny, smooth and tangle free with Carr & Day & Martin Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner.

NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler

RRP £10.99

 NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler

Leave your horses mane & tail silky smooth with NAF Mane and Tail D-Tangler. Non-greasy and non-sticky, it promotes a natural looking shine and discourages dirt and dust from sticking to the hair!

Mane Tail Groom

RRP £33.50

Shapleys Original Mane Tail Groom

Trusted for over 75 years by vets and horsemen, add MTG to your grooming kit! Apply to the mane and tail 2 to 3 times a week to encourage growth and treat damage caused by scratching, rainscald and sweet-itch.

Coat Care: Ever wondered “what’s the secret to a gleaming coat?”. Obviously, regular grooming and good nutrition are key but that’s not all you can do! There are a few products you can add to your grooming kit to ensure your horse looks their best and stands out from the rest…

Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish

From £11.70

Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish

Achieve the shine you’ve been dreaming of! Get your hands on Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat Ultimate Coat Finish. The unique formula creates a high shine, glossy finish, highlighting muscle definition and tone, without leaving a slippery residue. Apply all over the body and to the mane and tail.

Shapley’s Magic Sheen

RRP £18.50

Shapleys Magic Sheen

Shapley’s Magic Sheen is the perfect way to give your horse’s coat, mane and tail a healthy natural looking shine. Kind and gentle to the skin, the formula is safe for repeated use and won’t dry out your horse’s hair. Repelling dirt and grease for up to a week, it makes daily grooming fast and hassle free.

NAF Shine On Grooming Spray

RRP £9.99

NAF Shine On Grooming Spray

Outshine the competition this show season! NAF Five Star Shine On Grooming Spray is a fine mist spray, designed to leave your horses coat gleaming like glass and feeling as smooth as silk. Apply all over the body and to the mane and tail for a silky soft and tangle free finish!

Hoof Care: No hoof, no horse! Complete their top to toe transformation with a high quality, moisturising, shine enhancing hoof oil…

Cornucrescine Daily Moisturiser

RRP £16.50

Carr and Day and Martin® Cornucrescine Daily Moisturiser

Prevent cracks, splits and damaged hoof structures with Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Daily Moisturiser. Natural water-based formula free from oils and greases.

Kevin Bacon Liquid Hoof Dressing

RRP £16.99

Kevin Bacon Liquid Hoof Dressing

Penetrating the hoof, Kevin Bacon’s Liquid Hoof Dressing provides nourishment deep down and an attractive shine. 100% natural, containing vegetable oils and laurel leaves.

NAF Hoof Oil

RRP £6.99

NAF Hoof Oil

Enhance the natural colour and shine of your horses hooves with NAF polishing Hoof Oil. Apply to the outer surface for a well turned out finish.

Planning a pamper session? We can’t wait to see your before and after pictures! Share your photos in the comments or include #NaylorsSnapAndShare on your social posts. You can shop all of the products featured in this blog at or visit one of our stores in RochdaleCannock or Nantwich.

New Horse, New Needs! What? When? How?

There’s no denying, the hunt for a new horse is seriously hard work but when you’ve finally found the right one for you, there’s really nothing more exciting! The minute the deposit is handed over, the race is on… There’s lots to be done. From insurance and passport changes to feed and daily care, the list is endless. Here we take a look at just some of the things you might need to consider.

Headcollar & Leadrope

A headcollar is a headcollar, right? Wrong! Not only do you need to find the perfect colour but there are lots of styles too. They may look similar but subtle differences can make a real difference in the day-to-day handling of your new horse. Take a look at the different types and when they may be appropriate:

Finding the right headcollar for your new horse.

Nylon Headcollars – The most common style, these are durable, hard wearing and great for most horses that lead out well.

Fleece Lined / Padded Headcollars – These are great for thin skinned, sensitive types. They’re soft, comfortable and less likely to rub.

Wide Headcollars – Wide headcollars are ideal for responsive and reactive horses. They spread pressure over a large area, avoiding overly sharp aids.

Rope Halters – Rope halters are designed to apply pressure to very specific points on the horses’ face. This can be helpful for ‘numb’ types that are prone to leaning or ignoring aids.

Control Headcollars – Control halters are designed for strong, unpredictable and lively horses, they’re typically used on stallions and young stock.

Field Headcollars – If your new horse can be tricky to catch, you may choose a field safe headcollar, suitable for turning out.

Getting a grooming kit for your new horse.

Grooming Kit

For hygiene purposes, every horse that you own should have their own set of grooming brushes. After all, you wouldn’t share your friend’s make-up brushes!

Whether you’ve gone from a hairy cob to a sleek TB or from a grey to a bay, no two horses are the same! While we all need the basics such as a curry comb, body brush, dandy brush, mane brush and hoof pick, there’s lots of other items you may want to consider too.

Hairy horses – The key with hairy horses is shedding tools and mane & tail! Keeping their coat slick during shedding season takes constant upkeep but it will help to prevent mats. Daily application of sprays could seem excessive however, it’s a good way to remove knots and it can even help to prevent them too.

Greys – Blood, sweat, tears and shampoo! Keeping a grey clean can be a tricky task but with the right kit it can be done. Keep an eye out for chalk, stain removers and soap, they’ll be your new best friends.

Dark Horses – It’s all about the shine! If you’re lucky enough to own a beautiful bay or black horse item’s such as a goat hair brush and coat shine can really help them gleam.


Horses come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. We hope they do but it’s unlikely that the rugs stashed in the back of your tack room will fit. Once your new horse arrives it’s a good idea to take measurements to help find the right size. While not every horse will need a full wardrobe here’s a few additions you may want to think about making to see you through the seasons:

Rugs for your new horse.

Fleeces and Coolers – A versatile fleece or cooler rug is great for stabling during mild weather, drying off after a bath or work and wearing during transport.

Stable Rugs – If your new horse is likely to be stabled, this is a great addition to their winter wardrobe. Not all horses will require a stable rug, however if they drop weight easily, are sensitive to the cold or are likely to be clipped, they’re an essential!

Turnout Rugs – The majority of horses will benefit from a turnout rug. We don’t need to tell you that here in the UK it rains… A lot! The weight will depend on your new horses’ condition and how much they feel the cold. It’s a good idea to start with a lightweight that’s liner compatible, this way it can be adapted as the seasons change and you become more accustomed to their needs.

Feed & supplements for a new horse.

Feed & Supplements

The temptation when you purchase a new horse is to buy the feed you’d like them to have. Before you do this though, it’s best to find out if they’re currently given any feed or supplements and why. Any changes you choose to make should be both justified and gradual.

The safest way to make changes to your horses’ diet is to do it slowly. Alterations should be slight, taking place over days or even weeks. As a rule, you should aim to introduce no more than 25% of a new feed or forage every two to three days. This allows your horse time to adapt to the changes in fibre content and nutritional value.

When picking a new feed or supplement, we’d recommend contacting your preferred brands support team for tailored advice:

  • Dengie: 01621 841 188
  • Baileys: 01371 850 247 (option 2)
  • Spillers: 01908 226 6 26
  • TopSpec: 01845 565 030

Vet Registration & Insurance

Time is of the essence! One of the very first things you should do after paying the deposit on your new horse is to get them registered with your preferred vet and insured with an appropriate policy!

Vet Registration & Insurance

It’s no secret that horses have a tendency to injure themselves or become unwell at the very worse time possible. Vet bills can become very costly, in some cases stacking up to thousands of pounds. If we’re honest, very few of us can afford to pay for a new horse and shortly after pay-out for an unforeseen vet bill. It’s unlikely but should the unthinkable happen, it’s important that your vet has your new horses’ details and your chosen insurance policy is active.

Not all insurance policies are equal, there are a few different types available including mortality, major medical, loss of use and liability. The price of insurance can vary largely depending on the level of cover, your horses’ age, value and use.

Always check the small print when taking out insurance, cover varies and some policies will take longer to become valid than others. If you’re unsure, it’s worth making a call, even if only for peace of mind.


Prior to purchase, your new horse/ pony/ donkey or mule should be microchipped and passported.

An equine passport is needed to:

  • Describe the animals markings, breed, colour and species.
  • List all vaccinations and their castration status.
  • Name the registered owner.

You will be asked to provide your horse’s passport:

  • When a vet examines or treats your animal – The medication your animal can be given depends on how it’s categorised on its passport.
  • If an animal health inspector, trading standards inspector or other enforcement officer asks to see it.
  • When you sell or give the animal to someone else.

Once you’ve got your new horse, contact the Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) within 30 days to update the ownership details. If the horse does not have a passport, contact your local trading standards office for advice.


It is a legal requirement that all horses are microchipped as part of a move to tackle horse theft, improve equine traceability and improve animal welfare.

Once a horse is microchipped and the PIO are made aware, they will upload the number to the Central Equine Database. Once this is done, you can create a ‘Digital Stable’ account. Ad your new horse to the account to be able to:

  • Instantly check and exclude your equine from the food chain.
  • Check that your horses’ microchip is recorded on the CED and instantly update or add microchip information.
  • Check that you’re recorded as owning your equine and ensure that no previously owned equines are still registered in your name – as you can be liable for these. 
  • Record your equine as missing using your Digital Stable and automatically update the National ChipChecker and local authorities.

We hope this information has been helpful! Don’t forget to share pictures of your new horse or pony in the comments. You can shop all of the products featured in this blog at or visit one of our stores in RochdaleCannock and Nantwich.

Top Turnout Rug Picks – A Summer of Showers

Top Turnout Rugs

Are you prepared for a Summer of showers?

After a rough year, we’d love to be able to say we’re in for a season of sunshine and blue skies. As much as we hate to rain on your parade, it’s pretty unlikely. Did you know that last year in the UK the total rainfall was a whopping 1,308mm?!

With at least 1mm of rain falling on 170 days of the year, a robust and waterproof rug is an everyday essential! Thankfully, even though we can’t change the forecast, we can help you to find the best turnout rug to keep your horse clean, comfortable and dry, no matter what the weather!

Top Turnout Picks

Green-Tec Lightweight Plus Turnout Rug

RRP £144.99 £129.99

Go green – Choose the rug that’s better for your horse and better for the planet!

  • Waterproof and breathable – Hydrostatic Pressure Tested to 2000mm plus. Moisture Vapour Tested to 3000g/m2 plus.
  • 900D PCR outer made from recycled bottles.
  • 50g fill.
  • Combo neck.
  • 150D diamond weave PCR fabric lining.
  • Traditional side gussets.
  • Twin chest buckle fastenings.
  • Twin cross surcingles.
  • Touch tape neck fastenings.
  • Removable leg straps.
 Green-Tec Lightweight Plus Turnout Rug


Each Green-Tec rug uses 50% less energy to manufacture and saves over 340 plastic bottles from going into landfill!

Amigo Hero Lightweight Turnout Rug


“Very reasonable price and usual Amigo quality”

Amigo Hero Lightweight Turnout Rug

RRP £59.95 £53.95

Holding out for a Hero?

The perfect addition to your horses’ wardrobe this Summer, it’s got all of the boxes ticked!

  • Waterproof and breathable.
  • Strong and tough 600D ripstop polyester outer.
  • 0g – No fill.
  • Standard neck.
  • Antibacterial, anti-static, shine enhancing polyester lining.
  • Dual leg arches.
  • Classic double fastened front.
  • Twin cross surcingles.
  • Hood compatible.
  • Complete the collection with a Delphinium Blue headcollar and cooler!

ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lightweight Turnout Rug

RRP £109.99 £99.99

All about ombre? Pink, purple and practical – This one’s a real Summer stunner.

  • Waterproof and breathable – Hydrostatic pressure tested to 2000mm plus. Moisture vapour tested to 3000g/m2 plus.
  • 1200D triple weave outer shell.
  • 0g – No fill.
  • Standard neck.
  • Memory foam wither relief pad.
  • Ezi-Clip front closures with touch tape.
  • Traditional side gusset.
  • Twin cross surcingles.
  • Removable leg straps.
  • Hood compatible.

Mio Lite Standard Turnout Rug

RRP £55.95 £50.50

No frills, only functionality! Combining value and versatility the marvellous Mio is a must-have this Summer.

  • Waterproof and breathable.
  • 600D polyester outer.
  • Antibacterial, anti-static shine enhancing polyester lining.
  • 0g – No fill.
  • Standard neck.
  • Front leg arches.
  • Twin classic front closures.
  • Twin cross surcingles.

Saxon Defiant Turnout Rug

RRP £54.99 £49.99

Dare to defy the British weather? Offering brilliance on a budget this terrific turnout is not only a fantastic price but great value too.

  • Waterproof and breathable.
  • 600D triple weave ripstop outer to limit tares.
  • 0g – No fill.
  • Twin surcingle chest closures.
  • Low cross surcingles.
  • Standard tail flap.
  • Fillet string.

Storage & Washing Essentials

 Shires Storage Bag

Shires Rug Storage Bag 

Dreaming of a tidy tack room? The ultimate storage solution, don’t forget a Shires Rug Bag!

  • Wipe clean outer.
  • Zip closure.
  • East lift handles.
  • Small will hold approximately 2 rugs.
  • Large will hold approximately 5 rugs.

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Horsewear Wash Bag

Horsewear Wash Bag

No more smelly stable rugs and fury fleeces! Ditch the dirt with a Horsewear Wash Bag.

  • Use to clean rugs, numnahs etc.
  • Prevent damage to your washing machine.
  • Zip fastening.
  • Small 41cm x 54cm.
  • Large 58cm x 75cm.

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Have you spotted the perfect rug to tackle a Summer of showers? You can shop all of the products featured in this blog at or visit one of our stores in RochdaleCannock or Nantwich.

Lightweight Layers – Saddle Up In Style

Take a look at our top lightweight layers including jackets, gilets and jumpers. We’ve got you covered for every eventuality.

There’s nothing worse than being caught out by the weather! There’s no denying after what feels like a very long and cold winter, we’re all ecstatic to look out the window to find the sun is shining. As equestrians we’re tough! Anything above 15 degrees is easily T-shirt weather. Unfortunately though, living here in the UK the clouds are usually looming just over the horizon. So, whatever the weather has in store for us this season, we’re here to help make sure that come rain or shine nothing will spoil your Summer in the saddle.

Lightweight Layers – Jackets

There’s no fair weather riders here! It’s finally Summer and there’s no way we’ll be put off by a little (or a lot of) rain. If you’re looking to keep dry during wet weather there’s really only one thing for it… A lightweight, waterproof jacket!

Lightweight Layers - Aubrion Hackney Rain Jacket

Aubrion Hackney Rain Jacket

RRP £64.99 £58.50

  • Showerproof.
  • Concealed riding pleats for freedom-of-movement in the saddle.
  • Full moisture wicking lining.
  • Drawstring hood and waist.
  • Two way zip.
  • Taped seams.
  • Elasticated cuffs.
Lightweight Layers - Aubrion Homerton Bomber Jacket

Aubrion Homerton Bomber Jacket

RRP £69.99 £62.99

  • Waterproof and breathable.
  • High collar.
  • Taped seams.
  • Lightweight padded lining.
  • Elasticated knitted cuffs and hem.
  • Two exterior zip pockets.
  • Adult and child sizes.
Lightweight Layers - Horze Billie PU Rain Jacket

Horze Billie PU Rain Jacket

RRP £52.99

  • Waterproof PU outer.
  • Large drawstring hood.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Large pockets.
  • 2-way front zipper.
Lightweight Layers - LeMieux Waterproof Team Jacket

LeMieux Waterproof Team Jacket

RRP £89.95

  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Taped seams.
  • Zipped underarm ventilation.
  • Zipped pockets.
  • Zip up front.
  • Elasticated hem and cuffs.
  • High collar.

Lightweight Layers – Gilets

With Winter gone and forgotten, we’re all up for making the most of every minute of daylight! One thing is for sure though, early mornings and late nights can be chilly! Ideal for keeping your core warm, a gorgeous gilet is a great option for in the saddle and around the yard!

Lightweight Layers - Bridleway Keswick Gilet

Bridleway Keswick Gilet

RRP £34.99

  • High collar.
  • Cosy fleece fabric.
  • Tailored fit.
  • Zip up front.
  • Hidden zip pockets.
  • Available for him, her and children.
Lightweight Layers -  Aubrion Vale Light Gilet

Aubrion Vale Light Gilet

RRP £49.99 £44.99

  • Lightly padded stretch softshell body.
  • Full two-way front zip.
  • Two concealed zip pockets.
  • Fleece lining.
  • Elasticated arm holes.
  • Drawstring lower hem with dipped rear.

Lightweight Layers – Hoodies / Tops

There’s no more versatile addition to your Summer wardrobe than a handy hoody! Cosy and comfortable, they’re ideal for dry days as an extra layer. Add them over your favourite base layer or under a lightweight jacket on a cold and soggy day for additional defence against the elements.

Lightweight Layers - Aubrion Latimer Hoodie

Aubrion Latimer Hoodie

RRP £39.99 £35.99

  • Cowl neck.
  • Fleece lining.
  • Drawstring hood.
  • Front kangaroo pocket.
  • Ribbed thumb holes.
  • Knitted elasticated hem.
  • Available in adult and child sizes.
Lightweight Layers - Ariat Wilde Full Zip Sweatshirt

Ariat Wilde Full Zip Sweatshirt

RRP £80.00

  • AriatTEK Cold Series.
  • Moisture Movement Technology.
  • Quilted panelling.
  • Performance fleece lining.
  • High collar and removable hood.
  • Two-way front zip.
  • Hidden pockets.
  • Drop tail hem.

We hope that this blog has helped you to find the perfect lightweight layers to add to your riding wardrobe. You can shop all of the products featured in this blog at or visit one of our stores in RochdaleCannock and Nantwich.

Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar and Leadrope

Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar

Turning out in headcollars is a total no-go, right? It’s true, we’ve all heard some horrific horror stories, resulting in incomprehensible injuries and in some tragic cases even fatalities. Thankfully though, lessons have been learnt, times have changed and designs have evolved massively. Paving the way forward for safety, we’re super excited to tell you about the Equilibrium Stellar headcollar.


There’s no arguing the most used piece of equipment owned by any equestrian is a headcollar. Whether we’re bringing in, turning out, tying up or travelling, they’re completely essential. In fact, a whopping 88% of us use them every single day. But oddly enough, excluding anatomical options, there’s been few changes to their design for many many years.

As a community, it’s easy for us to say if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! However, we’re told time and time again safety always come first, whether it’s riding in a hat, using gloves, wearing hi-vis or never walking behind a horse. So, how often do we realistically ask ourselves “How safe is my horses headcollar?”

Is your headcollar safe?

The answer: Not as often as we should! Equilibrium asked Dr David Marlin to undertake a survey. He looked at 5,615 horse owners to find out just how common problems are. Spoiler: What he found is a total eye-opener:

  • Almost 1 in 3 horses have been injured as a result of a headcollar related incident.
  • More than 1 in 7 people have been injured as a result of a headcollar related incident.
  • 167 horses were fatally injured as a result of a headcollar incident.

Traditional headcollars are designed to be tough, hard wearing and durable. From leather and webbing to field safe and foal, multiple tests were completed on a whole range of options to find out just how strong they really are. Scarily, some headcollars were so hard to break you’d be able to suspend your horses entire body weight from them (600kg) and they still wouldn’t budge!

Designing The Stellar

The first step Equilibrium took was to find out what injuries are common and how they are occurring. Horses are by nature flight animals, prone to panicking. You really don’t need us to tell you this but they can easily lose their cool, especially if they feel trapped or restricted. Whether it’s a plastic bag, a loud bang or a shadow, when something scares your horse their first response is to run away from it. Unfortunately, if they’re wearing a headcollar and are either tied up or stuck, they can’t flee.

Pressure release table

In their failed attempts to run force is exerted on their sensitive poll, nose and cheeks, this triggers panic. Much like people, panicked horses are irrational, they’ll throw themselves to the ground, thrash and kick, before giving it a second thought. For those of us who’ve sadly witnessed this is really distressing and can result in a wide range of injuries including bruising, cuts and fractures.

The Solution

There’s really only one solution to preventing these incidents… Release. Horses will always be unpredictable, while we can work on desensitising and teaching them to react calmly, we can’t expect them to completely disregard what they’re programmed to do. So, in order for a headcollar to be truly safe it must give under pressure. But that isn’t practical, right? No one wants their horse breaking loose when the slightest pressure is applied, that wouldn’t exactly be safe either! That’s why creating the Stellar was all about providing a happy medium and that’s where testing comes in.


Not only was the Stellar being designed to be field safe, it had to be practical and usable. After all, we wouldn’t go changing headcollars for essential tasks like leading or tying up. So, following lots of testing both in the lab and on a yard, it was found that the optimum release point is 83kg of downward force. This is much lower than most other headcollars but strong enough for everyday use!

The Final Stellar Range

Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar
Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar

Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar

  • Durable, weatherproof PVC material.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
  • Neoprene padding on the headpiece and nosepiece for comfort.
  • Reusable safety release system.
  • Matching leadrope.
  • Available in Black, Brown and Navy.
Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar
Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar
Equilibrium Stellar Headcollar

Equilibrium Stellar Leadrope

  • 1.8 metre lead rope.
  • Grip enhancing rubber collar and end cuff.
  • Nylon material suitable for use in all weathers.
  • Use with Stellar Headcollar to ensure consistent safety release.
  • Available in Black and Brown.
 Equilibrium Stellar Leadrope
 Equilibrium Stellar Leadrope

Cleaning & Care

Super easy to care for, simply clean with a soft cloth or sponge and warm water. Dry with a towel or naturally.

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